First gathering of the Social Choreography Lab Helsinki

March 3rd, 2020
Eskus Dance Center
Helsinki, Suvilahti 

Facilitators: Jon Irigoyen, Emma Hovi

The first gathering of the Social Choregraphy Lab Helsinki invited everyone with an interest in movement and social life to come together around the question of what Social Choreography could mean today.

What could choreographic thinking contribute to navigating the present moment of socio-ecological instability and upheaval? How does this contemporary state of urgency manifest in our local enviroments respectively?

The premises of this first gathering was both to familiarize ourselves with current topics in Social Choreography as they have been developed by artists and researchers internationally, as well as tuning into each others´ presence in the room through somatic exercises. We spent our time reading and discussing, as well as exploring bodily repertoires inspired by everyday gestures through different methods of mappings.