Third gathering Social Choreography Lab Helsinki

October 28th, 2021.
Sali 1. Eskus Dance Center
Helsinki, Suvilahti

Facilitator: : Jonna Lehto

As the corona outbreak situation stabilizes, we are finally able to organize the Social Choreography Lab Helsinki workshop that was postponed in spring 2020.

This first gathering will be facilitated by artist Jonna Lehto. Jonna’s work fuses performance and body-based activism. Her current performance project Animal Being investigates the effects, meanings, and atmospheres of kinship, nearness, and otherness. Jonna’s work resonates with the eco-political aspects of Social Choreography, questioning the way relations between different species are choreographed and imagining how these could be re-arranged.

We will explore what are the individual and collective stories, impressions, and bodily experiences of our coexistence with other animals.  How are these relations being choreographed by human-centered discourses and power-practices? What would it mean to move together as flocks, as swarms? We will create a space for exploration, dreaming, bodily dialogue, and reflections.


Our first session after the corona restrictions uplifting will be held in Sali 1 in ESKUS dance center in Suvilahti on Thursday, October 28th between 17:30 - 20:00h. ESKUS is located in: Puhdistamo, building number 6, 2nd floor, the stairs next to Make Your Mark Gallery (see:

The workshop is free of charge. The space is limited so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.