International network

The Social Choreography Lab Helsinki is part of an expanding network of similar initiatives worldwide, exploring choreography as a tool for mapping and re-arranging social ordering processes. 

Current international collaborators include: 

Laboratory for Social Choreography Laboratory at the Kenan Institute for Ethics (Duke University, USA)

The LSC was founded in 2020 by artist and choreographer Michael Kliën. The laboratory is dedicated to fostering human relations that are unbound from our assumptions about mind, body, society and environment. Rooted in the premise that in order to meaningfully respond to the challenges of our times, we must move and think beyond the horizon of our understanding, the LSC is a hub for the research and development of experimental ways of learning and organizing. LSC focuses on the equitable transformation of social structures and the articulation of new modes of governance through aesthetics.

Institute of Social Choreography / Institut für Soziale Choreographie (Frankfurt, Germany) 

First founded in 2012, the ISC is headed by contemporary dance dramaturg and cultural strategist Steve Valk. Located in one of the city´s premiere cultural centers, Mainfeld: Raum für Kultur, the ISC is dedicated to promoting and further developing the emerging field of Social Choreography. The ISC consists of a production office, a library, an archive, conference rooms and a large performance / lecture space. In addition, the ISC offers overnight accommodations for visiting researchers, guest speakers, collaborating artists and special guests.